Sunday, July 17, 2011

Road trip to Frederick Maryland Part 1(Black Hog BBQ and Bar)

My friend Joe got married this past weekend in Frederick Maryland. Besides being involved in the wedding and reuniting with Joe's family and our mutual friends, I had the opportunity to try out some different restaurants during my stay.

Yesterday, after the guys only morning whiffleball game, we all decided to get some BBQ at a place called Black Hog BBQ and Bar in downtown Frederick. I did not bring my video camera, but did get some good pictures. It's not a big restaurant so seats can be limited, but they also have takeout. I had a good feeling about the place because when we walked in, almost all the tables were full and we had to split our group of 9 to two separate tables. I like going to restaurants that are nearly full or full because you know that it's a popular place, and most likely you'll be impressed with the food even it may take awhile to get. As the name suggests, they serve BBQ. They serve BBQ plates, ribs, chicken, wings, and even burgers.

I ended up getting the two meat plates with a side dish and corn bread. The two meats I got were the BBQ Pork Shoulder and smoked sausage. The side dish I got was the potato salad. The potato salad was actually decent and better than most potato salads you would eat at picnics. The potatoes tasted soft and fluffy, and it was one of the creamier potato salads I've had. The smoked sausage wasn't exceptional, but it was cooked well and I liked it. The BBQ pork shoulder on the other hand was pretty awesome. It was tender and moist, and the bbq sauce(which they make themselves) enhanced the meat to another level. You can even have the option of putting other sauces into your dish. Speaking of sauces, I didn't like the fact that they had HFCS(High Fructose Corn Syrup) in them when I checked the ingredient list in one of the sauce bottles. It's more or less a personal preference. I'm not sure if the table or kitchen sauces are homemade or not.

All in all I enjoyed my experience at Black Hog, and would come back again in the future even if I'm picky about the sauce's ingredients. I will leave you guys with these two pictures below from the restaurant. It's nice that Black Hog educates their customer about the meat they are eating and what part of the animal's body it comes from.

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  1. I visit Frederick quite often. I like it because it is truly a small, but yet large American City. Immigration is the act of foreigners passing or coming into a country for the purpose of permanent residence. However, traffic is becoming much heavier and getting as bad as major cities. The central part of the city is wonderful, especially during the Holiday season. I really love the candlelight tours.


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