Sunday, November 20, 2011


A few weeks ago, I went to NOLA on the SQUARE at Market Square in downtown Pittsburgh. The food was very good(check out what I thought about the fried alligator bites), and I got an opportunity to talk to the manager and chef about NOLA. Unfortunately, Lenny the chef wasn't able to participate in the video, but I was able to still interview him for a little bit.

1. He has been at NOLA since March of 2011 and he played a big part in what the menu should be.
2. He spent 5 years at New Orleans working at Arnaud's.
3. He said that the best part of working at NOLA is the culinary freedom, daily features, and most of the produce is local.

From just talking to Lenny, he has such a passion for cooking and you could clearly see that when you eat the food at NOLA.

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