Monday, May 28, 2012

Casa Rasta in the Beechview neighborhood

I finally made my way to Casa Rasta Friday, which is restaurant that features Mexican and Carribean fusion. I heard many good things about them through posts from Food Collage and Sabor PGH.  I've wanted to try Casa Rasta's food, but never really had the chance till this past Friday.  It was well worth the trip.  The restaurant itself isn't that big in that it had only four tables in the outside patio and two tables inside.  But it was a very laid back atmosphere, and I felt welcome by the owners Laura and Antonio.

As we were waiting for the food, my friend DD and I yet again found Sriracha sauce.  When JC and I were filming for the hot dog project earlier in the month, we noticed that two of the hot dog establishments had sriracha sauce.  What I will say is controversial, but I feel that Sriracha will overtake Heinz ketchup as the go to condiment in a few years.  It's a bold move to say that, and I'm sure most of my readers won't agree but I enjoy stirring the pot sometimes :).

We got our meal.  The first thing I ate was the vegetarian poblano chilis and potatoes taco.  I love how they roasted the chilis and it was a fairly spicy taco.  The tortilla held the fillings very well and it helps when you have two.  As much as I love the tacos, I thought the choriza torta was the highlight of the evening.  I like how the torta was really crunchy and held the fillings well.  When you take a bit of the torta, the combination of the crunchiness of the torta and the spicy bite of the chorizo takes the dish to whole new level and bliss.  I definitely want to make this dish at home.

Overall Casa Rasta was a good experience.  The menu may not be extensive like other Mexican establishments in Pittsburgh, but the quality of the food was phenomenal.  I can't wait to go back again.

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Casa Rasta

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