Saturday, June 16, 2012

Pulled Pork Tacos(Well almost)

I've always been a fan of pulled pork sandwiches because of how flavorful it is, and how comforting it is to eat. I realized that I've never made it before. So earlier this week, I decided to go with it make it. I found the recipe in Pork Tacos). Most of the recipe turned out well, but one key ingredient did not and almost ruined the moment so to speak. I attempted to make the corn tortillas homemade, but it did not turn out well. Even with a roller, I wasn't able to make it circular. I recommend getting a tortilla press. It's so much easier. Then when I put it in the pan to cook, it was little to hard and I noticed cracks on the tortilla. It was very difficult to fold. Despite this mishap, I'm glad that the pork turned out great. Check out the slideshow below of my experience making pulled pork tacos.

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