Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Lobsterfest near Smethport PA

One of the greatest pleasures in the world is eating fresh lobster.  Before this past weekend, I could say I had lobster twice in my life, all in lobster roll form.  Granted lobster rolls are pretty damn good, but I've always wanted to eat fresh whole lobster.  My friend JP was in Maine last week visiting his siblings, and he brought fresh lobster back.  So he invited me, our mutual friends, and his family members to the family cabin in the woods to partake in the festivities.  For years JP has always talked about working on his family's cabin, but I don't ever recall him showing me pictures.  I was pretty sure that he was making it up to make himself look good.  By the time I got there, it turned out that his family really did have cabin, and it was very nice.  So I give JP props on his family's cabin, and I had a great time hanging out with him and our friends.

Here are some major pictures are took of the festivities.

Small Steamed Clams.  I could eat 200 of these and not be full.
Corn Salsa that I made.  It was a hit at the party. 
Buffalo Chicken Dip.  It's different in a sense that it's more gelatinous
and the chicken actually was not from a can.
 I thought it was pretty good.
Lobster that was just finished steaming
My friend JP holding two live lobsters before getting steamed.
Only if the lobsters knew what was really going to happen to them.
 R had to be "that guy" in the photo.  Such a photo bomber.
My plate of lobster.  The lobster tail on the right was very
meaty.  With Lobster, all you really need is melted butter
and you're all set.  I even ate the lobster meat from the legs.
I always aim to eat every part of the lobster.  Anthony Bourdain
would be proud.

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