Saturday, July 28, 2012

Beef Stroganoff

Growing up during my middle and high school years, the cafeteria would serve up beef stroganoff on a monthly basis.  I didn't really have an awesome experience eating it(well then again most school cafeteria food and the word awesome don't mix well).  To me the sauce was very runny, bland, and the meat.......well I don't know if I would even call it meat.  It's best that I don't theorize where the meat came from.  I continued to eat the stroganoff anyways because no other option was better.  Because of this experience, I swore off beef stroganoff for twelve years.

I always go to AllRecipes to find something decent by typing the ingredients I already have in the kitchen.  I believed I only put in mustard and flour.  The results came back and by filtering them by rating, beef stroganoff was high on the list.  I was kind of debating for awhile whether to cook this or not based on past experience with the dish.  Then I thought maybe if I make it myself, it might not be so bad.  So I took that leap of faith, and went for it.  Here is the link to the recipe:  Beef Stroganoff.  Overall I thought the dish was pretty good.  I would still not put this on my top 20 list of favorite foods, but at least now I can eat beef stroganoff as long as I cook it myself.

Cut up some celery.  I just used the white ends only.

I cut up some mushrooms.  The recipe asked for canned mushrooms,
but I decided to make this harder on myself.  It was worth it.

Cut up some beef chuck roast into strips.

Cooking the beef stroganoff.  Looking good.

The completed dish.  I decided to mix in greek yogurt instead
of sour cream.  It makes the sauce more thick and is healthier(not
like it really matters for this dish)

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