Thursday, March 8, 2012

Los Cabos in Lawrenceville

Living in Pittsburgh, I often go to Lawrenceville or at least past it on a daily basis. Once a week, I drive from the Strip District to Trader Joe's or Whole Foods via Penn Ave. A few weeks ago I noticed a new Mexican restaurant almost from across the Children's Hospital called Los Cabos. I figured it just opened up. Lo and behold it had been open since the middle of last year. I'll admit I'm pretty embarrassed that I did not notice the place, but I have some excuses granted though not good ones. The restaurant doesn't seem to stand out from the outside, and no Pittsburgh food blogger hasn't even blogged about the restaurant, well according to Urbanspoon. So it is my duty to be the first person to blog about Los Cabos and let you guys know what I think.

When I walked in, I noticed that they still had the temporary sign on the front of their restaurant. I can understand it being there when it first opened, but now they should mark their territory so to speak by putting up a permanent sign. Not too much of a big deal though. When you go in, you order your food from the counter and then pick a table to sit at and wait till the food arrives.

Fortunately as in most Mexican restaurants, Los Cabos gave me complimentary chips and salsa. The salsa was tomato-based with cilantro, white onions, and other flavors. It was fresh and not too spicy in my opinion. I liked it so much that at the end of dinner I ordered a batch of chips and salsa to take home.

I ordered the Chile Verde as my main entree. It consisted of chunks of pork cooked in green tomatillo sauce served with rice and refried beans. The refried beans were okay; they were nothing special. The pork and rice were pretty good. I like how the sauce and the green chiles adds a spicy kick to the dish. The pork was chunky, tender, and succulent. I was able to finish the pork and rice but barely since it was a fairly heavy dish.

Overall, I had a good experience eating here. They have a fairly extensive menu and I hear their fish tacos are the best in the city. Is this the best Mexican restaurant in the city? For now no, but I could change my mind after a few more visits.

They do not have a website yet, but they are working on it. For some reason they still have their Christmas lights on inside their restaurant. So if any of your kids out there want to have the Christmas spirit all year long, Los Cabos is your place.

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