Thursday, March 22, 2012

Park Bruges in Highland Park

I've heard many good things about Park Bruges, but I've never had an opportunity to go till a few weeks ago. Park Bruges is the sister restaurant of Point Brugge Cafe. I would describe Park Bruges as a European bistro with French and Belgian influence. Going inside Park Bruges, I decided to sit at the bar and was to be honest kind of glad there wasn't a television. To me it would ruin the experience of Park Bruges because it's a place to eat good food and strike up meaningful conversations at the bar.

Looking at the menu, I decided to order the tarte flambee. These were the following reasons why I ordered it.

1. I never had it before
2. It had bacon in it. Enough said. My friend calls it a meat candy :).
3. The crust was cooked on a wood-fired oven at Enrico Biscotti.

The type of tarte flambee I got was with bacon, creamed leeks, maytag bleu, and mushrooms. The crust was crispy with a little blackness to it, and was strong enough to hold its own with the toppings. It's similar to pizza, but airy, lighter, and again crispy. I thought the ingredients went really well together and really didn't overpower one another. All in all, it was a great dish. It was so great that it actually inspired me to make my own tarte flambee.

I got the recipe from Anne Burrell on the Food Network website. I was surprised that it wasn't that difficult to make. The only thing I would have changed was that instead of using the ricotta, I should have used the fromage blanc. Combining that with the creme fraiche would have been more creamier. Also a pizza stone would have helped made the crust more crispier. That being said, the tarte flambee was still delicious and fun to eat. In the future, I'll definitely try different toppings, but bacon will always have to be there no matter what :).

Park Bruges
Anne Burrell's Tarte Flambee

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