Monday, September 3, 2012

Little Bangkok at the Strip District and a small story about Paula Deen

Yesterday I went to the Strip District to pick up some ingredients for a Korean dish I want to make this week. Before I went to Lotus grocery store, I decided to head down to Little Bangkok for some lunch. I had been there before earlier this year, and I thought it was pretty good. When I walked in around 1:30 PM, S, the waiter, seated me and I noticed that restaurant was entirely empty.  This doesn't bode well, and there were many people at the Strip yesterday.  S told me that this happens occasionally, but nothing to be alarmed about.  Eventually my fears were alleviated because a whole bunch of people came in at the same time fifteen minutes later after I arrived.   I was thinking that I was a trendsetter but probably not.  I'm just a dude that reviews restaurants.  Before the throngs of people came in, S and I had a pretty good conversation.  He did tell me a story about his experiences as a waiter in a Thai restaurant in Savannah, Georgia.  When he mentioned Savannah, I had to ask this million dollar question;  Has the Deen family ever been at that restaurant?  S said that he actually was their waiter a few times.  He mentioned that Jamie Deen's family were pretty nice.  He also mentioned that Paula Deen had trouble deciding what to get at the restaurant.  S said that she did not know a whole lot about Thai food which is okay because Southern cuisine  is her specialty.  If Paula Deen says she knows a lot about Thai food on TV, she's lying.  Anyways let's talk about the Thai food at Little Bangkok.

For the first starter, I got the vegetable soup that is included with the lunch special.  It had vegetable broth with small cuts of tofu, scallions, and two big pieces carrots.  It didn't have a lot of heat to it but it didn't need to because the soup was good overall.  The soup hit the spot and was to the point.

For the appetizer I got 3 crab wontons and 3 fishcakes with pineapple chili sauce.  The wontons contain crab meat, cilantro, cream cheese, green onion and cilantro.  It was one of the better crab wontons I've had. It actually contained real crab meat, which is key.  The wontons were creamy without being too rich.  From looking at the fishcakes, they were fried but not too friend.  I enjoyed the taste and texture of the cakes. They mash the fish and combine it with Thai herbs, string beans, and shredded lime leaf.  When you dip the wontons and fishcakes to the chili sauce, you can definitely taste the sweetness of pineapple but also get that spicy kick at end after each bite.

For the main event I got the Drunken Noodles with basil sauce, vegetables, eggs, and tofu.  I enjoyed this immensely because of the wide noodles and especially the fried tofu.  I was worried that the tofu wasn't going to be fried but I'm glad they fried them.  The skin was fairly crunchy with lots of flavor from the basil sauce.  The vegetables aren't anything too special but they helped give the dish color and were cooked pretty well.  For the spicy scale, I chose an eight which was appropriate for me.  The last time I was here, I ordered a ten.  When they say a ten, they really mean a ten.

All in all I enjoyed my experience at Little Bangkok.  You can't go wrong with authentic Thai food and a Paula Deen story.

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