Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Warrior Dash and Turkey Legs

This past Sunday I participated in the Warrior Dash in Ohio near the town of Canton.  In case you don't know what the Warrior Dash, it's a 5K obstacle course race where you have to go through several obstacles such as for example crawling through mud, climbing walls, and trudging through water waste deep.  I initially had some concerns about it because some people said it wasn't too bad, and others said it was really rough for them.  Once our heat started, adrenaline started to take over and just went with it.  I almost did all the obstacles successfully except the swimming obstacles because I'm not a good swimmer.  I finished the race with the time of 48:24:55.  It wasn't too bad considering I didn't train too much for it.  The whole point of the race is really to have fun and enjoy it with your friends.  Below are pictures and videos.

Awesome medal I got just for finishing the race

My two friends and I muddy.

Runners awaiting the results.

Runners just hanging out

My results.  I actually finished below 50 minutes, which was more  than
I could ask for.

Awaiting for the dreaded shower

Almost to the shower.  It was mighty cold

Caterers with the turkey legs

The turkey legs were massive.  They were 1.5 pounds.  It was good,
but could not finish eating it.  I really don't think they are supposed to be
this big to be honest.  I am pretty sure this isn't natural or organic.

A dude crawling through mud

I donated my muddy sneakers.  I'm such a nice guy, well most of the time.

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