Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Kelly O's at the Strip District and Bonus "Entertainment"

One of the many advantages of working at the Strip District is access to many of its restaurants and grocery stores.  From Wholey's to Chicken Latino to Penn Avenue Fish Company, the Strip District offers something for everyone that works or lives there.  Kelly O'Connor just opened her second Kelly O's office in the Strip District.  I've been to her diner at the North Hills location, and I thought the food was pretty good but didn't get a chance to review it.  Opening a second diner is a pretty good indication that her business has been doing very well.  I believe that her restaurant's appearance in Diners Drive Ins and Dives has really helped Kelly O's get exposure and of course more customers.  This past Sunday I went to Kelly O's with my friend E to check out their new digs and see if their food is just as good as the one in the North Hills.

Upon walking in, we were immediately met with a line of people, and of course pictures of celebrities who were in the Kelly O's restaurant at North Hills.  I was not surprised some of the pictures were of course Guy Fieri.  I also noticed that all the waitresses' t-shirts had a saying in the back "As Seen On Diners Drive Ins and Dives".  So that definitely tells you that show has made such a positive impact on the restaurant.  Personally, I think the t-shirts were a little bit overkill.  I don't need to be always reminded that they were on that tv show.  Being as successful as they are, they don't need to reference that show so much anymore since it aired more than three years ago.  That's pretty much my only nitpick of the restaurant.

They have an Orange Juice Machine.  How bad ass is that?

The kitchen.  Would have been better without the accidental
elbow shot.

Looking at the breakfast menu, we decided to get the Crab Benedict special.  We both wanted something that we would normally not eat for breakfast.  Plus we are both crab fanatics as well since we both lived in Baltimore at different points of our lives.  The waitress told us that it would probably be a 45 minute wait, which is understandable because everything is made-to-order, and there were many customers that morning. I normally don't like to wait too long, but at least the waitress was honest about her assessment.  The food came and it looked and huge.  The shredded potatoes were one of the best breakfast sides I ever had in my life.  It was crispy on the outside while maintaining its softness on the inside.  I ended up putting blue cheese on top of the potatoes.  I know it's a fairly odd combination, but it works.  The Crab Benedict was fantastic. The crab was fresh, meaty, and even more flavorful when the egg yolks go all over them.  The hollandaise sauce was also fantastic because it was rich, smooth, and creamy and there was plenty of it.  Even though there was lot of the sauce, it didn't drench the rest of the ingredients thus achieving balance all over.  

Now here is where I talk about the bonus "entertainment" at our restaurant.  While E and I were eating, a take out lady that sat next to us looked to be upset because it appears that her food was taking too long.  She started complaining to one of the waitresses, and the waitress told her that they are doing their best to bring her food out.  The lady then complained more, and it was back and forth between her and the waitress being as calm as possible.  I can feel the tension just two feet away.  I can understand the lady getting upset, but she has to realize there were a lot of people that morning and the food was made-to-order.  Her expectations should have been that the food would take a while to cook.  You can't make everyone happy I guess.  By the time the lady got her food, she was still not satisfied.  She asked if there was cheese on the scrambled eggs and if there was syrup.  The way she asked about it was really mean and condescending.  I am so glad I left the food industry over 10 years ago.

Overall, I had a very awesome experience at Kelly O's.  Since I work near the place, I'll have to come back at least a couple times a month to try their other dishes.  Plus I really commend them for handling difficult customers.  It's not easy to deal with those kind of customers, but they handled it as well as they could have and without going to the same level as that horrible customer.

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