Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Tried half the sandwiches at Marty's Market

Marty's Market grand opening was last month at the spot where Right by Nature used to be.  Since I work literally a block from the Market, I have gone their 3 times since the grand opening.  They are a grocery store that sells organic and natural food.  They sell everything from vegetables to meats to potato chips.  They also have a coffee bar and a restaurant section, which I will be talking about.  Looking at their menu, they seem to focus on natural and organic ingredients which is a good thing.  For right now, I've only had their sandwiches thus far and will tell you about each one that I've ate.

Roast Beef, arugula pesto, and roasted peppers
on Italian Sourdough.  They don't skimp on the
Roast Beef.

Turkey, spinach, cheddar, and dijon mustard on a ciabatta roll.
Fairly basic sandwich, but fresh and tasted good.  Bread was the
best part.

B.L.T with Niman Ranch bacon, heirloom tomatoes, red crisp lettuce,
roasted garlic aioli on whole wheat.  It was okay, but I've had better B.L.T's.
The bread should have been white as opposed to wheat for this occasion.

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